3 Reasons Why We Love the Epson 5030 Projector

When the Epson 5030s arrived we were beyond excited. The much-anticipated follow up to Epson’s ridiculously popular 5020 was finally here!
Now that we’ve had some time to play with it, here are three reasons* why we love this projector.
  1. It’s bright! At 2,400 lumens, the Epson 5030 is bright enough to provide big, dazzling images in most settings. No dedicated home theater required! 
  2. The contrast ratio is awesome. A 600,000:1 contrast ratio is unprecedented. Enjoy incredibly deep blacks and exquisite details.
  3. It includes 3D glasses! This is cool. The Epson 5030 ships with two 3D glasses, saving you money!
And it’s all only $2,599!
*To be fair, there are like three million reasons why we’re excited about this projector. But that would make for a really long blog post.