Screen Innovations’ new HD projector screen material

Take a good close look at your current projector screen. What do you see?

If you notice bumps, ridges or any kind of texture, it’s time for an upgrade. Especially if you have a 1080p projector.

Screen Innovations HD screen

See, the texture of your screen can play a big difference in your HD viewing experience. Too many bumps and ridges will minimize the projector’s resolution, making the picture appear soft.

Your current screen may be holding your new 1080p projector back.

Screen Innovations new embossed HD projector screen material is completely smooth to the human eye. SI has created the ultimate texture (or lack thereof) to give you the ultimate viewing experience.

To get the most out of your 1080p projector, check out Screen Innovations’ new HD material, which is available in multiple models, including the popular Solar and Gamma fixed frame series, as well as SI’s motorized line.

Check out our entire Screen Innovations selection to find the perfect HD projector screen for you.