Vivitek D538W-3D: 2D to 3D conversion is finally here

Vivitek has changed the game with its new D538W-3D projector. Not only does the Vivitek D538W-3D output in up to 720p 3D for less than $750, it also converts existing 2D content into a very impressive 3D display.

Vivitek D538W-3D

That means all your 2D photos, movies and Blu-rays can now be viewed in the third dimension. We first saw the Vivitek D538W-3D’s conversion technology in action at CES 2011. We were pretty dazzled.

Like many of the new 3D projectors on the market, the Vivitek D538W-3D accepts 3D content through its HDMI input, greatly improving the image quality. The D538W-3D also plays back existing 3D content from your Blu-ray player, and if applicable, your 3D broadcast stations.

The Vivitek D538W-3D will start shipping this month for $749.99. Pre-order yours now»