Video of Panasonic PT-AX200U in Action

As soon as we got our hands on the new Panasonic PT-AX200U gaming projector we hooked it up and played some video games. Halo 3 was an obvious choice, and a few other popular Xbox games. We also hooked up the Wii, for some afternoon calisthenics (remember that movie Gung Ho?). We took a little bit of video on our Panasonic Lumix and Leica digital cameras and uploaded them to share.

Projector Setup: Setting up the Panasonic PT-AX200U with the Xbox and Wii

Here you can get an idea for the size of an image the AX200 can produce. It’s not as big as it could be, but it is probably as big as it needs to be. We didn’t measure the screen, but a rough estimate would be about 6 feet by 11 feet for a 12-14 foot diagonal (or 144-180 inches!). The characters within the games are sometimes actually larger than the person playing the game. That’s a big image.

Panasonic PT-AX200U Connections

There are two HDMI, 2 s-video, a VGA (computer), and component video inputs.

Panasonic’s Light Harmonizer Technology

It’s a little hard to see on the video, but this technology was originally designed for business use, for lights on presentations. They have since adapted it for their home theater projector.

Game Play: Panasonic PT-AX200 on Xbox Halo 3 Edition

Battlefield 2

Halo 3 (4 players)

More Halo 3 (4 players)

Halo 3 (1 player)

Halo 3 intro

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