Tech News: The Joys of Bundling


Some people enjoy the challenge of finding exactly the right pieces for their home theater system. They research everything from the projectors color accuracy, output capabilities, high definition compatibility, and much more. For those customers, we have numerous tutorials and Projector Experts available for consultation. But what about those who prefer the fast and easy approach?

For those who favor the paved road over the rocky trail, home theater and business packages are the perfect solution. With a package you get everything you need in one shot, without all the research. All you really need to know is your budget.

[ Photo: After shot of Blansett Family living room with their Mitsubishi HC3000U projector. ]

Value Packages

Value-priced packages may not include projector screens, or mounting gear, since those are options some can live without. Many people will not set up their projector in a dedicated space, so they are satisfied projecting onto a wall, garage door, or a clean white sheet. Therefore screens and mounts are not necessary, which means a lower cost to you.

Low-Priced Comprehensive Packages

Our Mitsubishi HD1000U package includes a little bit more in a low-priced bundle. In it we include the projector, a mount, a screen, an up-converting DVD player, and a 25-foot dual HDMI/component cable which you will need to connect the projector to your DVD player and receiver (or cable box) if the projector is ceiling mounted. This dual cable was designed by, and is very handy because it allows you to connect two HD sources (one with HDMI and one with component video) using one cable. The Oppo DVD player is 720p native, just like the HD1000U, and can up-convert up to 1080i (just like the HD1000U).

  • Mitsubishi HD1000U DLP® home theater projector
  • Sanus Projector Ceiling Mount
  • 52×92 inch pull-down projector screen
  • 25′ High-Definition Dual Cable with HDMI and Component
  • Oppo DV970HD Universal DVD Player with HDMI
  • Package Price: S1,345*

* Price after $50 subscriber coupon code. Use code [SAVE50] to receive special price! Valid through February 28th, or while supplies last! Discount also available for projector alone.

Quick Tip: We have recently upgraded our system to allow for fast and easy online package purchases. Just choose one of our pre-selected packages and hit the Add to Cart button.

Beyond the Value Package

For a high-end home theater, a true high-definition package that would have gone for 100’s of thousands of dollars a few years ago, and completely impractical, is now available for under $10,000. The packages that will cost you the most will likely include either a 720p or 1080p native projector, professional grade high-definition cable, a high-definition source (DVD player or receiver), a fixed frame screen (often with black masking for a cleaner look) instead of a pull-down screen, a compatible ceiling mount (usually with an additional 7-inch drop pipe), and a high-end sound system.

So if you just want somebody else to do the work for a change, consider a package deal from Of course, if you prefer to customize your installation, you can also use our Custom Package Builder, or you can call a Projector Expert today.

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