Portable Home Theaters Add Entertainment Options

Portability used to be a buzzword reserved for business projectors, but now you can add portable to your home theater projector vocabulary. But what is the benefit of portability, and what features make one portable projector better than another? Read on.

Dedicated Home Theaters

Dedicated home theaters are essentially a simulation of the movie theater experience. In fact many people try and recreate the experience entirely, from installing a candy counter to serving fresh popped popcorn from a cinema style popper. Projectors for dedicated spaces can be mounted to the ceiling to get them up and out of the way, and are typically connected to a high-quality surround sound system. So why would you want to use your projector any other way?

Benefits of Portability

A portable home theater projector is a kind of tool for the family. It combines a big screen TV, slide-show photo viewer, life-sized gaming display, and even an instant party d