Pico Projector Innovation

Let’s say you had the technology to create a tiny projector. It’s cool. People are talking about it. But beyond an on the fly presentation of travel photos from your cell phone or a portable DVD player accessory, what else can be done with this micro display? How can this display change the world as we know it?

Texas Instruments, creators of the DLP Pico projector technology, has so much confidence in human ingenuity, they are going to give industrious inventors a chance to figure that out for themselves. A new Pico Projector Kit will include all the components needed to integrate a projector into just about anything computerized.

What’s in the Kit?

A bunch of stuff MacGuyver would love. The company reselling the kit for $349 retail is Digi-Key. Based in Thief River Falls, MN, they are one of the larger distributors of electronics components. From the press release here’s what’s in the box:

The kit will contain an HVGA resolution DLP projection device, a three color LED, a power supply, and a video cable connected to a BeagleBoard which boasts an OMAP35x processor, supported by Linux. (source : Market Watch)

Who Are the Likely Pico Projector Innovators?

From the sound of things, there are a number of specific markets that might be served. From general consumer interest products to industrial markets, and even medical applications, or perhaps even some more unusual uses. From the press release :

“We are very excited about offering TI’s DLP Pico technology to our customers. The Pico Projector Development Kit will enable the development of a wide array of embedded systems in the high-growth medical, industrial and consumer segments, creating flexibility and options on how information and content is shared. With regard to the pairing of the pico projector and the BeagleBoard, it will be fun to see what engineers come up with using these two gadgets,” said Mark Larson, Digi-Key president and COO.

Potential applications for this kit include simple 3D measurement applications, virtual cosmetics, augmented reality, battery or USB powered display applications, projection of video and images, and miniature applications that do not have space for a large display.

Where Can I Buy a Pico Projector Development Kit?

Unfortunately we don’t carry the kit at ProjectorPeople.com. However it is available online from Digi-Key’s website (part number 296-23836-ND).

Needless to say we are excited about the potential applications for this micro projection technology. As Sinatra might say “The best is yet to come, my friends.” We are keeping our eye on it, but not looking directly into the light because that might damage our retinas.