High-Def Projectors for the Value Conscious

What a difference a year makes. I know, we said that last year, but it’s still true. If you have been waiting around for prices to drop on a big screen home theater projector, the time has come. The enhanced definition products can’t get much cheaper, and the 720p HD projectors are as aggressively priced as ever.

Street Prices Last Year vs. This Year

Home theater projector street prices have dropped significantly over the past year, making you the beneficiary of some great technology for less money than ever before.

480p Prices Year over Year
November 2005 $1299 – $1499 November 2006 $599 – $999 Price Drop $500 – $700
720p Prices Year over Year
November 2005 $1999 – $2999 November 2006 $999 – $1999 Price Drop around $1000


If you have been waiting to buy, your patience will have saved you as much as $1,000. Of course that’s a year worth of watching your favorite movies, sporting events, and giant screen gaming you have missed out on.


Video Games on a Low Cost Projector

Why Buy an EDTV (480p) Projector?

If you are looking for a big screen TV with improved definition, in widescreen native format, at a VERY low price, you are not alone. A video projector can be used for video gaming, in the family room, or the occasional backyard movie night, and you’re not going to have to get a second job to pay for it.

[ Photo: Madden for Xbox displayed on WVGA Hitachi ED-PJ32 projector from progressive scan DVD player. ]

Video projectors will get you the largest images (we’re talking a 200-inch screen) for the buck. You also gain portability (take it anywhere at just 4.8 lbs.), widescreen native format with progressive scan (EDTV) quality resolution, and a TV that can be stored away on a bookshelf when not in use.

Benefits of a 480p Projector Over a Traditional CRT TV:

With the push towards flat screen technology, you might think that a 32-inch CRT television would be a very cheap purchase. In reality, they still typically cost in the $450-$700 range. To summarize:

  • Competitively priced from $595 to $999.
  • Online purchases cheaper due to sales tax savings and reduced shipping.
  • 480p (progressive) superior to 480i (interlaced) signal for fewer video artifacts.
  • Native resolution same as progressive scan DVD players and game systems like the Xbox, for better quality images.
  • Flexible image sizes, including much larger viewing size (up to 92-inches for best results) than the fixed 32-inch conventional TV.
  • Weighs a lot less, so it is portable and can be easily put away when not in use.