CES Reporter – Forget HD TVs. Go for a Projector

Our CES review is coming soon, but we recently came across one reviewer’s take on CES and we couldn’t agree more! See Jeremy Laird of Tech UK’s quotes below, along with our own interjections.

Yet again, it was wall to wall LCD and plasma panelry at CES this year. But it’s about time punters realised the HD TV market is all about sparkly gimmicks and keeping-up-with-the-Joneses consumerism.

If you’re remotely interested in the viewing experience, what you really want is a projector.

Customer Home Theater

It’s what we hear from our customers all the time. If you want an awesome movie theater quality experience in your own home, a projector is, without question, the way to go. And even after you factor in the cost of a replacement lamp, you are often still saving money over a flat panel display over 42-inches.

[ Photo: A ProjectorPeople.com Customer Home Theater. See more here. ]

The basic argument goes something like this. Even the largest, most preposterously pricey panels are plain puny compared to a good projector. For pure cinematic immersion, a decent projector is absolutely untouchable. And thanks to the recent fall in HD projector prices, you’d be mad to pay more money for a smaller, chronically inferior HD TV.

And compared to your old 4:3 TVs, the 42-inches feels more like a 30-inch set. The 42-inch spec is measured along the diagonal, so with the wide aspect ratio, you’re losing overall size.

But why settle for 40 inches when you can have 140 inches. Or even 240 inches. With a projector, the physical dimensions of your home rather than the depth of your wallet define how big you can go.

Exactly. Projectors with zoom lenses and lens shift add to the flexibility and ease of installation. Most LCD based projectors have lens shift as do select DLP based models. Watch for these features if you suspect your space will be a challenging one, or if you just like cool features.

Currently, there are several solid 720p DLP projectors available in the