BenQ W6000 Projector : Lens Shift and Zoom

We just had a visit from BenQ and their new W6000 came along for the ride. We had a quick screening and it looks like a nice new DLP 1080p projector. One welcome addition is lens shift, and a more versatile 1.5:1 zoom range.

Since these are new features to DLP projectors at this price point, I figured I would do a quick, unfancy, iPhone video for you and post it. Expect little in terms of video quality and you will be happier. Check it out below.

I snapped a couple pictures too, also with a low resolution iPhone. I am including a picture of the projector itself, and one action shot I took. The in action shot does not do the clarity justice by any means. This is in “Cinema Mode” and the film is, of course, “the Fifth Element.”



Note : The BenQ W6000 has a joystick to manage the lens shift functionality on this projector. This is one of the first DLP projectors to include lens shift and zoom (both manual) at this price point.