Backyard Theater Packages Update

We talked about Backyard Home Theaters in last month’s tech news and they were so popular that we sold out of our least expensive ($599) package. We wanted to update you on the packages, and point out a few of the benefits of selecting a package with a lot more bang for a little more buck. So follow along if you’re interested.

High Definition Projection

Football projected onto the side of a house

If you are interested in getting the best looking images long term, a high definition projector (720p or 1080p) is the way to go. We offer a Epson MovieMate package that includes an HD DVD player and a tripod screen. But you are welcome to create your own packages using our Custom Package Tool or by calling a Projector Expert for your customized solution at a great price.

[ photo: Panasonic PT-AX100U projected on the side of a house. The image may be enormous…but they still can’t hear you. ]

If you invest in a backyard theater package, it doesn’t mean your projector can only be used outdoors (be sure to bring it in at the end of the night). As summer turns to fall, your projector can still be a part of your family entertainment. The World Series, NFL and College football seasons, NASCAR races, loads of HD content from Discovery Channel and so much more are available right now over a simple HD cable box.

Most networks are using a 720p native signal, so if you want to be economical, a 720p projector will get the job done. 1080p projectors look incredible though, but depending on your sensibility, might be too much of an investment to take outdoors. But hey, if you want to live a little, we get it. We understand the love of a gorgeous image.

So, choosing a high definition projector will keep your loved ones basking in giant, great looking images inside and out – all year long.

Call today! Before the summer is over!

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