New Customer Home Theaters!

One of the best parts of working here is helping our customers realize the final visions for their projects. Whether it’s a cutting-edge conference room or a designer home theater, we love hearing about your plans and helping you pick out the equipment that will help you reach your goals.

The worst part of our jobs is hanging up the phone and knowing that we may never see the final product. Don’t get us wrong; we totally understand you’re busy with your new toys. But we love this stuff, and it makes us so happy when people send in photos of their completed AV projects.

Take the two home theaters below. These turned out even better than the customers expected.

Super Bowl Home Theater

Christian from Texas wanted a deluxe home theater in time for the Super Bowl. We hooked him up with the Panasonic AE8000U and the Dalite Cinema Contour 133” diagonal screen with the Da-mat surface.

He got his home theater set up in less than a week, in plenty of time for the big game.

There was only one problem: he was rooting for the Broncos.




Living Room Revamp

Nolan doesn’t have a dedicated home theater, but he still wanted a big screen that would provide an immersive experience for viewers as far as 16 feet from the screen.

We suggested the Panasonic AE8000U and a Screen Innovations Zero Edge screen.

We think the results are pretty epic. Don’t you agree?



Want your home theater or AV project featured on our blog? Contact your projector expert for information. We’ll get you in the spotlight in no time.