Wake Up the Neighborhood

I am submitting my backyard theater to your contest. I was reading a SkyMall catalog while flying one day and saw a BYT kit in it for $10,000.00. It included everything needed to have a movie in your backyard. I looked at it and thought what a great idea….but looked at the price and thought “Holy Cow!!!….I could build a screen for less, throw a few speakers together and have the same thing for less than $1,000.00”.

That was the start of the evolution of my BYT. It is more like an addiction when putting one together. You start out kinda humble on your sound…..your screen….your projector and then you get “upgrade-itis”. Mine is at it’s final upgrade! If you believe this I have some lovely property far South in Florida for you! Anyhoo, when I throw a movie night I invite as many neighbors and friends that I can. I have had as many as 55 people to as few as 5 enjoying a movie under the stars. The average is between 25-30. It takes me about 2 hours to set everything up but it is a labor of love. There is nothing like having friends over and see them enjoying a movie on my 16′ x 9′ screen. It is the ultimate in watching a movie. I have a full surround sound professional system that puts 500 watts at each speaker and 2000 watts at the subwoofer. The sound is breathtaking. When I show an action movie you can hear so many things all around you that I sometimes catch myself looking behind me to see what the commotion is. My speakers are JBL Professional EONs powered by Crown PA Amplifiers. I use a 16 channel mixing board to mix the 5.1 channels. My projector is a 2000 lumen Hitachi which is adequate for a dark night.

That about sums it up. The folks that come to a movie for the first time just stand there with their jaw in the grass….but when the show actually starts….they are even more amazed.

Neighborhood Movie Night with a Projector