Best Projectors for Gaming

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Projected scene from Grand Theft Auto 4 on the Sony Playstation sent in by one of our customers. See more images » recently put several of this season’s hottest home theater projectors to the test to find out which had the fastest responses for gaming. As any gamer will tell you, a small difference in response time can make a big difference in your final score.

So which projectors passed’s test?

The Panasonic AR100U came in as the fastest, followed closely by the Mitsubishi HC7800 and the Panasonic AE7000U. The BenQ W7000 also had a strong showing.

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Which projectors do you think give the best results in gaming mode?

The Epson HC 8350 in Action: Video Games

Our very lucky Projector Expert Kirk took the Epson HC 8350 home last weekend.

Kirk hooked the Epson HC 8350 up to his PlayStation 3 (via HDMI) and played Modern Warfare 2 on the Epson’s 10-foot display.

Check out his thoughts, and pictures of the Epson HC 8350 in various lighting conditions, below …

Epson HC 8350

A friend came over Saturday and we played video games on the Epson HC 8350 projector. I don’t have a screen, so we just used my living room wall, which is a shale color. My buddy was blown away by the clarity of the image. He and said he could see things he’d never seen on his 55” TV! – Kirk

Epson HC 8350 2

I just used the Dynamic setting, and didn’t tweak the colors at all. The black levels were very impressive, even straight out of the box! There was no noticeable lag, and the image was surprisingly smooth for a projector that doesn’t have 120Hz processing. – Kirk

Epson HC 8350 3