Panasonic PT-AE7000U projector review

Our Projector Expert Rich was able to take home the Panasonic PT-AE7000U projector last weekend. Lucky!

His “homework” was to watch movies and sports on the projector and write a review. Check it out below:

“I just took the new Panasonic PT-AE7000U home over the weekend for a test run. I have to say there isn’t anything I DON’T like about this projector. It’s bright, has great color and black levels, and looks sharper than any LCD projector I have seen. We watched the new Harry Potter movie which has a lot of dark scenes. The AE7000U handled them very well, even in the Normal mode. The blacks would be even deeper in Cinema mode but I liked the brightness of the Normal settings.”

Harry Potter on the Panasonic AE7000U

Harry Potter on the panasonic AE 7000U

“I put in the last Pirates of the Caribbean Blu-ray movie (talk about milking a franchise) and you could really see the crisp sharpness on the Panasonic PT-AE7000U projector. It was razor sharp!”

Panasonic AE 7000U Pirates of the Caribbean

“Of course I also had to watch some football on it and the colors and smooth frame rate looked amazing (I wish my teams looked that good!) I even captured the classic “Tebowing” pose for those Gators-turned-Broncos fans out there.”

Tebow on the Panasonic AE7000U

“And don’t forget the 3D on this unit! 2D to 3D conversion looked good. You can tell it’s not true 3D, but it added depth to the image. The 3D from a 3D Blu-ray was outstanding! The images are bright and colorful even with the glasses on. We watched some of Avatar and it looked actually better than in the theaters. Even things like smoke and dust particles seem to float in the room.”

Avatar on the Panasonic AE7000U

“Other things I like about the AE7000 is the power lens, lens shift and three HDMI inputs. This projector is also very quiet. All in all just a great projector. Can I keep it? Please!”

Rich had to give it back, but you can get your own Panasonic PT-AE7000U here »

Projector People Respond: 3 Reasons Why Churches are Behind the Technology Curve

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In a recent post for Church Mag, Chase Livingston shared his list of why churches are behind the technology curve. We agree that his reasons – money, knowledge, and the powers that be – can be major stumbling-blocks for churches trying to use technology to improve communication in their churches.

Here at Projector People, we work hard to help churches overcome these issues. Here’s how:

1. Money

Yes, technology upgrades can be expensive. But, recent advances in technology mean that the several thousand dollar projector you were considering last year can now be had for less than a grand. Lots of new product releases paired with the slowed economy means your church can see a major bang-for-the-buck if you’re in the market for a new projector right now.

Money-Saving Tip: Select manufacturers like NEC, InFocus, and Mitsubishi will allow you to trade-in a projector from any manufacturer for a reduced price on one of their latest models. Learn more!

2. Knowledge

The people who know projectors isn’t just our slogan here at PP. We’re here to help educate you before, during and after your purchase.

Unlike “big box” stores, we won’t leave you clueless and confused after you get your new projector in-hand. During the purchase process, you’re matched with a projector expert, who will help you identify your needs, select the right technology based on those needs and your budget, and provide technical support once your order is fulfilled.

Knowledge is power, and the Projector People are here to help!

3. Powers that Be

Chase puts it well when he says, “the people who make decisions about how the Church should spend its money, don’t necessarily agree with the ideas and initiatives put forward. While a new piece of equipment may be needed, they don’t understand the need, or at least don’t want to understand the need.”
Overcoming this issue can be easier when you are armed with knowledge. With the support of your projector expert, putting together a sound argument for why your church needs new technology (and how much it will actually cost!) can be painless.

But don’t take my word for it… see for yourself! Contact our projector experts today to get started on the road to implementing a new technology plan in your church!

Chase – what do you think?

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  • The Epson HC 8350 in Action: Video Games

    Our very lucky Projector Expert Kirk took the Epson HC 8350 home last weekend.

    Kirk hooked the Epson HC 8350 up to his PlayStation 3 (via HDMI) and played Modern Warfare 2 on the Epson’s 10-foot display.

    Check out his thoughts, and pictures of the Epson HC 8350 in various lighting conditions, below …

    Epson HC 8350

    A friend came over Saturday and we played video games on the Epson HC 8350 projector. I don’t have a screen, so we just used my living room wall, which is a shale color. My buddy was blown away by the clarity of the image. He and said he could see things he’d never seen on his 55” TV! – Kirk

    Epson HC 8350 2

    I just used the Dynamic setting, and didn’t tweak the colors at all. The black levels were very impressive, even straight out of the box! There was no noticeable lag, and the image was surprisingly smooth for a projector that doesn’t have 120Hz processing. – Kirk

    Epson HC 8350 3