Monday Night Football Projection

…we had this cookout on a Monday night football game. It was the Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers. Everyone that was there was from our church and we had about 40 people. We had 6 fire pits for smores, hot dogs, and hamburgers. We had a mackie mixing console with 2 15 inch speakers for sound.
Monday Night Football Projection

Backyard Date Night

With our two children, ages 3 and 4 (eleven months apart might I just add), my husband and I find it hard to have time alone.We find it next to impossible to get the chance to go to the movies on a date. Instead of paying for a high price baby sitter, we find our favorite dates exist in our tiny candle lit backyard, when the kids are asleep, watching movies on our Epson Home DVD Movie Mate.
Backyard Theater Date Night

Backyard Theater Live Entertainment

Daytime photos of backyard and stage

This was a live show in my backyard of one of the bands I play in for fun. Normally, we all perform in Blue Man Group. But this night we played all Radiohead material. We had realtime and pre-recorded video projection behind us as well as a modest light show. My 14′ X 10′ screen (backdrop) was custom made by Dazian and the frame was made out of conduit.

We started around 8:30pm. We were very loud at times. The Chicago Police did come around 9:30 pm. They were pretty mad, at first…then…They enjoyed the concert so much that they stayed and listened before politely recommending we get a permit next time…”Keep up the good work” they said.

Backyard Projector Live Entertainment

Coon Creek Drive In Theater

Coon Creek Drive In logo

I have been doing this for over 25 years now…

Started out showing 16mm films (this is before VHS even came out) on the side of our 16 wheeler when we toured across the US with my old Punk Rock band DAD & THE BOYS many nights at motels on off nights we had a blast, from what I can remember!!

I now have a Crown 8,000 watt 5.1 surround sound system with a 300 lb. 1956 Altec Lansing sub woofer under the screen. JBL Speakers and Crown Power amps.
Original drive in speakers from all over the USA I have collected over the years and broadcast movies live on 104.1 FM WCCR (yes I have my own little Blues Radio station aprox 5 mile range). The 40′ movie screen is all hand made from my own designs. Christie & InFocus DLP projectors, Altona upscaler, Pioneer Elite Laser Disc Unit / Philips BLUray DVD drive etc. As a old sign maker, I designed a logo and have our own COON CREEK Tee Shirts that have been sold all over the world and are on eBay.

Free Popcorn for all, A VIP Pit Section for early guests and room for over 400 guests. Three acres of outdoor MAN CAVE.

More on Coon Creek Drive In here »

Drive In Theater Projection

Ultimate Guys Night Out

To give our backyard the feel of an outdoor sports bar for our annual “Guys Night Out” party, we connect 8 projectors to 8 HD cable boxes so that we can project different live sporting events on 8 separate screens. (Six of the eight screens are shown in the attached photo, the other two wouldn’t fit in the photo.)
Ultimate Guys Night Out Outdoor Home Theater