The Conference Room Naming Conundrum

How does your company name its conference rooms?

Are you like New York ad agency Deutsch, with straightforward names like “Main Conference Room” and “Video Conference Room?”

Or perhaps your company’s a little more creative, like Facebook which names its conference rooms after bad ideas. Example: “Subprime Mortgage.”

Nike straddles corporate-ness and creativity by naming the rooms after its sneakers. The Richards Group, a Dallas ad agency, names its conference rooms after long-term employees.

BenQ SP890 sports bar projector

What would you call this conference room? Image by wohlford on Flickr.

The “conference room naming conundrum” was explored in a recent article on AdAge. According to the article, some companies choose to crowdsource their names rather than spend internal resources on the task. Though depending on your employer, suggestions like “signs of the zodiac” or “members of the Wu-Tang Clan” may or may not be appropriate.

We asked some of our Facebook fans and Twitter followers how their company conference rooms got their names.

Danny Conner commented on our Facebook page: “Since we are global, they are named after the oceans and seas of the world.”

Mike Sepos said that 40% of his company’s conference rooms had “cool names,” including those penned from artists, local sporting events, presidents and ski resorts.

“One of the most accurately descriptive would be in our Miami office where you have ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Sunset’, presumably on the east and west sides of the building,” Mike said.

We were most jealous of Jonathon Leigh, who said “the conference room at my current workplace is a beer fridge.”

Here at Projector People’s Tampa, Florida headquarters, our rooms are named after the Florida Keys. There’s Key Largo, Key West and Long Key. Yeah, we’re kinda obsessed with the beach here.

What about you? What are the conference rooms at your office named after? Share your comments below.

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