Elite Outdoor Screens, a Closer Look

Elite has come out with a slew of affordable outdoor projector screens recently. These are perfect for outdoor theater, weddings, picnics, fundraisers and well, any outdoor event you can imagine.

Elite’s DIY Portable Outdoor Screen features theater-grade material equipped with grommets, enabling you to instantly hang it to a garage, trees or posts. The screen’s surface provides a wide viewing angle so you can entertain all your neighbors. Its 1.1 gain matte white surface is textured to avoid hot-spotting, ensuring a more even picture.

With options starting below $100, this is the perfect upgrade from that white sheet you’ve used for the past three outdoor movie nights. It features a black matte border to absorb projector over scan and enhance visual contrast. The screen ships with rigging cords to keep it taut.

Learn more about Elite’s DIY Portable Outdoor projector screen line »

A higher-end option is the Elite Yard Master series. Unlike the DIY option above, the Yard Master is a standing option, complete with ropes and stakes. It sets up and breaks down quickly, and features a heavy-duty frame construction for whatever weather mother nature throws at your outdoor event.

Elite came by our office recently and we asked them to show us how easy the Yard Masters are to set up. Watch this video for a closer look:

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Projector People Customer Featured in the LA Times

Projector People customer Brian Ten of Culver City, CA called me the other day. Back in 2011, the LA Times did a feature on his outdoor theater. Did I want to see it?

Uhm, yeah. Of course!

Projector People customer in the LA Times

With the help of one of our projectors, Brian’s 2,240 square-foot front yard was transformed from a small ho-hum lot into an outdoor theater that is now the talk of his neighborhood.

backyard theater

Brian and his family watching the projector in their front yard. Image from the LA Times.

outdoor theater

The front yard is alive with the Sound of Music. Image care of the LA Times

Brian and his wife, Rika Houston, wanted an outdoor space where they could spend time with their three children. The spot evolved from an outdoor family room to a community hangout. Brian and his wife use their yard now for everything from homework to fundraisers, movie nights to meetings.

“During summer, a canvas goes up on the garage wall, heat lamps are put in place, the glass fire pit is lighted and the neighborhood film festival begins.” – LA Times

Want this in your yard? Brian originally bought a Panasonic PT-AX200U for his outdoor theater. That projector is no longer in production. Check out our backyard theater guide to see which of today’s models will work in your backyard.

In general we recommend the following specs:

  • Brightness : at least 1,600 lumens
  • Resolution : HD (720p or 1080p)
  • Connectivity : HDMI

See the whole slideshow of Brian’s new front yard on the LA Times »

You don’t have to be featured in the news to be featured on this blog. Have a projector project you want to show off? Email us at webmaster@projectorpeople.com