It’s Game Day: Go Big and Stay Home this Football Season

Hey. Do you love football? I mean really love football? If you’re anything like me you live for Sundays. You get pumped up to go to the game. You love the roar of the crowd. The bone crushing hits of the defense. The precision of a quarter back’s game winning pass.

You love football. Down to your core. It’s in your soul.

But do you also suffer from the game day blues? Does your enthusiasm wane as you battle through traffic and spend an eternity trying to find stadium parking? Does your frustration overtake you as you wait in line for overpriced, mediocre beer and snacks? Do your buddies and significant other run in terror, as you turn from football fanatic into just plain fanatical?

Well, why not bring the game home to you?

Why not avoid the lines and traffic and obnoxious Eagles fans (just kidding, Philly) and post up at home with a larger than life set-up? Have the beer of your choosing and all the snacks that you want. Without traffic. And crowded parking lots. And the frustration that overshadows your pure passion for the game.

Don’t hail Mary through another football season when you can drive for a touchdown. Own your block. Experience the bone crushing hits and game winning passes on a huge video screen in a HD, surround sound setting also known as the sanctuary of your home! Invite the neighbors over and make them stand in line for beer, because you’re the one with a big screen home theater.

Go big and stay home is our motto at Projector People. And we have a game plan because we’re football fans too. Just give us a call. We can make fun of the Eagles together.

Pool Projector Party!

Guys, we don’t mean to brag, but working here is a total blast.

Last weekend Matt, our web developer, wanted to host a sweet pool party at his new house. He took home the Epson MovieMate 85HD projector and the new Elite Yard Master screen.

Matt's pool party

Matt’s kids have nominated him as “Dad of the Year” after he set up this sweet pool party.

Both are designed for easy setup. The Epson MovieMate 85HD includes a built-in speaker, DVD player and 1.35x digital zoom. Elite’s Yard Master parts are labeled to take the guessing game out of assembly. Matt had his pool party set up in minutes.

“I was amazed at how simple this was to put together,” he said.

Matt used a small table as a projector stand. He ensured the projector and cables were out of the splash zone. That night he and his family watched Toy Story from the comfort of their pool floats.

How’s that for a movie night?

Want to host your own pool party? Look for projectors that are at least 2,000 lumens and output in HD. We like the 720p Epson MovieMate 85HD because it includes the DVD player and speakers, meaning fewer accessories for you to buy.

You can present on a wall, but a quality screen will give your outdoor theater a more polished appearance. A screen like the Elite Yard Master will also allow you more flexibility in your setup.

Let us do the thinking for you with one of our all-inclusive outdoor theater packages.

We want to see your setup! Submit your pool party photos to our home theater showroom »

Projector People Customer Featured in Sunset Magazine

Last month we told you about Brian Ten, a Projector People customer whose outdoor theater was featured in the LA Times.

Now, Brian’s backyard is getting some loving from Sunset Magazine.

With our help, Brian and his wife, Rika Houston, transformed their yard from ho-hum to an outdoor family room. They wanted a space where they could spend quality time with their kids. Now their yard is used for everything from homework to fundraisers, community movie nights to meetings.

In Sunset, Brian shares his tips for hiding wires and toys, mounting speakers and even which flowers add a nice scent to the outdoor theater.

Check out the spread below. (Just click on the image to see the full-size version in a new window.)

Want to get in on the backyard theater fun? Check out our outdoor theater sale. We discounted prices on our most popular backyard theater projectors and outdoor screens.

You don’t have to be featured in the news to be featured on this blog. Have a projector project you want to show off? Email us at

Five Tips for Your First Outdoor Theater Party

The single, hands-down, most awesome quality of projectors is that they are essentially movie theaters with a handle.

Think about it: home theater projectors provide images up to 300-inches diagonal yet typically weigh less than 25 pounds. You can tuck them under your arm and go anywhere.

Try doing that with a flat screen!

Perhaps that’s why we’re such goofballs when it comes to outdoor theater season. Setting up a movie theater in our backyards epitomizes everything we love about projectors: their portability and image quality and size.

Sundance movie deck theater projection
Reason #24,521 why we love projectors. They are essentially movie theaters with a handle. Try setting your flat screen up outside!

Okay. You didn’t come here to read a love letter to projectors. You want tips on setting up your first outdoor theater.

Here are the five points we always cover with outdoor theater first-timers.

Outdoor Theater Tips:

#1: Get a Bright Projector

Projectors are getting brighter and cheaper. When Projector People launched in 1999, the first projector we sold was a 650-lumen Epson for $5,999.

Now you can get more than 10 times that brightness for less than a third of the price.

We recommend you buy a projector that has at least 2,000 lumens. You can snag a decent home theater model for less than $400, or spend a little more and get something really high-end. Use our projector finder or just give us a call at 1-888-248-0675 to find out what’s bright and priced right.

#2: Invest in an Outdoor Screen

Elite’s Yard Master screen is an affordable upgrade to the white sheet most first-timers use in their outdoor theater.

Sure, you could hang a sheet between two trees and use that as your outdoor screen. For many years we recommended this technique to first-time outdoor theater buyers.

But just recently Elite Screens released several outdoor screens that are ridiculously affordable and easy to use.

Elite’s DIY Portable Outdoor Screen is basically a panel of cinema-quality material rigged with grommets that allow you to strap it to your garage, trees, pole supports, etc.

What makes this screen way better than a typical white sheet is its 1.1 gain matte surface. The material is textured to avoid hot-spotting and provide better colors and a wider viewing angle. Bonus: these bad boys start at $89.

If you prefer a free-standing screen, check out the Elite Yard Master series. These set up in minutes and feature a durable, rain-or-shine construction. They start at $199.

Tip: Give us a call to get the best price on a projector and screen combo.

#3: Don’t Forget the Audio!

You got your bright projector. Your Elite screen. You’re ready to go, right?


You’ll need some sort of audio to ensure your audience can hear what’s going on on the screen. You could grab your computer speakers and bring those outside or you could invest in quality outdoor speakers.

The simplest option is look for a projector that includes built-in audio. The Epson Presenter features speakers and a built-in DVD player. The Epson MegaPlex MG50 has speakers and an iPhone/iPad dock.

The more features on the projector, the less accessories you have to buy.

Epson presenter outdoor theater projector
The Epson Presenter showing sports on a garage door in the daytime. The Presenter has built-in audio and a DVD player.

#4: Don’t Charge Admission!

We know. It’s so tempting. You have this awesome outdoor space. How cool would it be to make a few bucks off it?

Resist the temptation. Charging money to show a Hollywood movie without the proper licensing can land you in big trouble. You could get smacked with a large fine and even sent to jail.

Ask people to bring beer instead.

#5: Don’t Keep Your Questions to Yourself!

To learn more, read over our outdoor theater buyer’s guide and then give us a call. The person you’ll speak to is probably planning his or her outdoor theater right now…..

Your turn!

What advice would you give to someone who was setting up an outdoor theater for the first time?

Pinspiration: Our Favorite Outdoor Theaters on Pinterest

Outdoor theater season is here! This is our favorite time of year.

We projector experts have a bit of an office competition going to see who can host the best backyard theater party. So far Rich is in the lead, but Matt just moved into a new house with a pool. We’ll see how his upcoming party stacks up against the rest.

Want to get in on the outdoor theater fun? Let us help! Check out our outdoor theater Pinterest board »

We compiled some of our favorite setups from around the interwebs. From white sheets hung between trees to elaborate pool-side setups, you’re sure to find some great ideas for your next outdoor event.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Our Dream Outdoor Theater

Pool + projector = pure joy.

pool outdoor theater

Our dream outdoor theater, sent in by a customer.

Proof That Outdoor Theater Can Be Incredibly Easy

Throw a sheet between two trees, grab your projector and TA-DA! it’s movie night.

easy outdoor theater

Great photo from

Our Favorite DIY Outdoor Theater

Hang some lights, grab a few throw pillows and give your yard an instant upgrade.

easy outdoor theater

Great DIY project from

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PS – Save on all our outdoor theater projectors, screens and accessories during our summer outdoor theater sale »