Panasonic AE8000 projector review. Three reasons why we’re excited about this projector.

Panasonic recently announced details of their new Panasonic AE8000 projector, the highly anticipated follow-up to last year’s AE7000.

We saw this bad boy in action last week, and let us tell you, it blew us away. The Panasonic AE8000 has significant improvements in several key areas, including image quality and brightness. Everyone from casual movie buffs to dedicated projector fans will appreciate the upgrade.

Top three Panasonic AE8000 features we’re excited about:

  • Brighter 2D and 3D images. At 2,400 lumens, the Panasonic AE8000 is 20% brighter than the AE7000. This brightness is especially noticeable in 3D mode. We saw 3D content from both projectors compared side-by-side. While the AE7000 looked great, the AE8000 looked even better!
  • Improved 3D viewing experience. Not only is the AE8000 brighter in 3D mode, Panasonic also introduced a ton of new features to improve your 3D viewing experience. The Panasonic AE8000 allows you to control the depth of your 3D image. Additionally, Panasonic’s new 3D Motion Remaster feature is designed to eliminate parallax error, the bulging of the image that sometimes occurs during fast-motion 3D scenes. In short, 3D viewing is more natural with the AE8000. Features like powered zoom, powered focus and lens memory are also now available in 3D mode.
  • Improved contrast ratio and image quality. At 500,000:1, the Panasonic AE8000 has the highest contrast ratio of any of our home theater projectors. Images are richer and more detailed, especially during low-light scenes. The AE8000’s improved Detail Clarity Processor brings out image elements you may not have noticed before, like individual blades of grass or the pattern of a hand towel in the background.

These are just a few reasons why we’re excited about the new Panasonic AE8000 home theater projector. We expect it to hit the shelves later this month. No word yet on price. Stay tuned for more information.

3D in the classroom

3D technology has come a long way since the days of those cardboard specs moviegoers wore to cinemas in the 1950s. Today we’re witnessing the rise of 3D from a novelty to a staple of movie theaters and home entertainment.

The technology is also moving into our classrooms. The manufacturing of 3D projectors has increased significantly, making the technology more available to K-12 educators.

Although not yet widely used, there are a few pioneering school districts implementing 3D. I was curious to find out if 3D in the classroom improves learning gains and what educators have to say about it.

Boulder Valley School District in Colorado has integrated 3D in four of its schools. THE Journal recently interviewed teachers there for an article titled “Taking Learning to a New Dimension” about the effect of 3D on students.

“I teach mostly biology and chemistry, and a lot of that information is hard to visualize, so 3D really helped them see in much more detail what I was trying to teach them,” said Boulder science teacher Kristin Donley. “As (the students) would do an essay question about molecular processes, for example, they were able to recall details much better from a 3D versus a 2D and were able to put those details in an essay.”

3D seems to go beyond the “wow” factor and encourages a deeper level of thought processes. Donley’s students, for example were able to demonstrate a higher level of understanding, and the use of higher order thinking skills.

Anecdotal evidence points to what could be called the “Toddler Effect.” Have you ever seen a very young child deeply immersed in play? Students are deeply engaged in a 3D lesson as they want to know more about what they are seeing, which leads to much deeper understanding.

Sounds like some of the early adopters of 3D are seeing tremendous benefits for their students. Are you an educator who has used 3D in the classroom? Share your thoughts below.

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