Tools for Square Projected Images

Video projectors are unique in that they can cast images on any surface. It doesn’t matter if that surface is square, round, textured, or whatever you can imagine. Projected images can often be seen as an attention getting display outside local restaurants, or even on a skyscraper downtown. In applications like these, a square image is not critical. But for a big presentation in your boardroom, or in a home theater, a square image is essential. So what features help you achieve a perfectly aligned image? Read on.

There are two features available that help you create a square image with your video projector. Keystone correction and lens shift. Not all projectors come with one, or both, of these features. Here is a quick look at the two features.

Keystone Correction

Today, there are two methods of keystone correction, manual and digital. Manual keystone correction is essentially a physical adjustment to the lens of the projector, outside of the casing. The manual adjustment works well in some situations, but cannot eliminate horizontal keystoning. This kind of correction typcially comes by way of adjustable feet under the projector. Most projectors without digital correction will offer at least this feature.