Tech News: Today’s Light Minded Projectors.

Five years ago projector manufacturers were racing for the bragging rights to the world’s lightest projector. Five years ago at we considered any projector under 10 pounds to be portable, and were excited to see new products dipping under 6 pounds. So where is the industry today with its weight obsession? As they say, the last few pounds are the hardest to lose.

Today’s Lightest Projectors

How light can a portable digital projector possibly be? If the last five years are any indication, the answer appears to be about two and a half pounds. Although you might say that today’s ultra-light projectors are healthier than those of years past. They are brighter, run cooler, produce nicer looking images, and offer more features inside their svelte frames.

Some handy new features in ultra-portable projectors include shorter throw distances (for larger images in smaller spaces), zoom lenses, improved digital keystone correction, and HD connectivity with DVI inputs. With the higher bandwidth 802.11g technology, wireless options have also matured, offering smoother transitions and real-time document editing.

Quick Tip: Remember that additional cables, wireless adapters, or expansion modules will also add to the carry weight of your projector. Typically the manufacturer specified weight includes only the chassis and not the additional accessories.

Portability beyond Weight – Footprints

Another element that factors into the portability equation is the footprint of the projector. A few years ago InFocus came up with a projector that would fit inside of a carrying case on top of the laptop. New two-pound projectors like the BenQ CP120 are shaped more like the laptop itself (8.58″ x 2.4″ x 6.77″ (W x H x D)), allowing the projector to sit next to the laptop inside the carry case.

Quick Tip: Road warrior presenters should seriously consider investing in a carry bag that will accommodate both your laptop and your projector, if you haven’t already. A good carry bag can save wear and tear on both products, and can offer you additional comfort and ease when traveling.

Portability is Still a Premium

Although nearly three-times less expensive than three years ago, tiny two-pound portable projectors will still cost more than projectors that are just a couple pounds heavier. However, there are a number of five-pound options that are still easy enough to transport. Many of these conference room style projectors also offer brightness as high as 3000 lumens, which rival installation projectors.

Choosing a Portable Projector Today

  • Portable projectors range from 2 to 5 lbs. Click here to search for projectors by weight.
  • Smaller footprints offer greater portability.
  • User-friendly features like automatic keystone correction and zoom lenses make set-up on the road easier.
  • 4 and 5 pound projectors can often serve as both portable and conference room projectors.
  • Remote with mouse control frees you from your computer during presentation.

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