Tech News: Need a Brighter Projector? Panasonic Delivers.

What is Daylight View?

Daylight View

Daylight View is a technology exclusive to Panasonic that adjusts the color space displayed by the projector. The diagram (right) illustrates the full spectrum of colors perceptible by the naked eye. The triangle within the horseshoe shape represents the colors that can be reproduced by RGB devices such as a monitor or projector.

Daylight View remaps the projectors color space, increasing color saturation, based on ambient light in the room which it reads using an Ambient Light Sensor or ALS. The change in the colors displayed makes the image appear brighter and more saturated, equivalent to roughly 50% more brightness at no extra cost.

Some presenters may have learned to ‘tweak’ their projector to improve their images in bright spaces, but this feature from Panasonic is entirely automatic and very slick. If you prefer to make your own adjustments you can disable the feature too, but with the time it saves, why would you?

[ see an interactive example here » ]

Projectors with Daylight View

  • Panasonic PT-LB60U
  • Panasonic PT-LB60NTU
  • Panasonic PT-LB50U
  • Panasonic PT-LB50NTU

How Bright is Just Right?

Daylight View

The brightness you need will depend not only on the amount of light in the room, but also on the size of your screen and audience. We have crafted a handy Lumen Guide to help you determine the brightness you will need for your space.

Installation projectors are typically brighter than portable products, and both portable and installation projectors will offer different feature sets. Call a Projector Expert to help ensure you select just the right projector for your needs. We also have a great return policy that will allow you to send your projector back if it isn’t quite as bright as you would like before 7 days (and 4 hours on the lamp) if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Daylight View for Home Theater?

Panasonic debuted the Daylight View technology on their business projectors with great success. Since brightness is also a concern for home theater enthusiasts, they decided to modify the technology, called Light Harmonizer, for their top-selling home theater line.

The new PT-AX100U is a 2000 lumen projector with 6000:1 contrast that also includes Light Harmonizer technology so it looks great in a well-lit room. It also includes an economy mode which allows you to reduce brightness and improve contrast in a dedicated home theater space. It’s lightweight, so you can also take it outside and project on a sheet or a wall if you are feeling industrious.

[ See the PT-AX100 in action » ]

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