Tech News: Instant Shut-Off – For a Quicker Get-a-Way.

Tech News: Instant Shut-Off – For a Quicker Get-a-Way.

In our hustle and hurry world, not everybody has time to wait for a projector to ‘cool-down’ after use. New faster shut-down times make it possible to simply unplug a projector and go. It’s a feature that’s been on presenter wishlists for some time, and now its time has come.

Who Wants Faster Shut-Down?

Business presenters are often under tight schedules, giving several presentations in different locations in a single days time. Teachers who share classrooms might have to accommodate tight classroom schedules. Business conference rooms might also be tightly booked for several meetings in a day, but each meeting may not require use of the projector, which may mean turning the projector off quickly to accommodate the next group.

Chances are many presenters were not allowing their projectors sufficient cool down times even before this new technology emerged. This might have occurred because presenters lacked the time or patience to wait, or due to frequent power outages during presentations. The unfortunate result would be shorter lamp life, which wouldn’t become apparent until the projector had been used for several months. So instead of seeing a 1000 hour lamp life, as the manufacturer specified, the lamp might start to dim significantly after just 400 or 500 hours.

Whoever the presenter may be, this new technology is a big plus for the schools and businesses that own the equipment. IT/AV managers can sleep just a little easier knowing that their projector investments will experience less wear and tear.

The Technology Behind Shorter Shut Down Times

The technology varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the answer seems to lie in two ingenuities. One, better heat dissipation in the product designs. Second, small capacitors inside projectors that run the fan for an additional amount of time after the projector is shut-off.

The product design improvements include better cooling and filtering systems that keep the projector cooler when in use, and components that handle heat more efficiently overall. Projectors like the Mitsubishi XD430U even include filter-free construction, making them resistant to dust, dirt, and other particles and meaning maintenance free operation as well.

Both methods have been tested and proven to save lamp life, and to protect the components inside that make the projector operate.

Quick Start-Up

In addition to faster shut down times, many manufacturers have also added faster start-up times to their bag of tricks. Instead of waiting 30 seconds for your projector to warm up, projectors with quick-start up can be presentation ready in as little as 3-5 seconds.

Have questions about which new products include faster shut-down times? Ask a Projector Expert today!

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