Pinspiration: Our Favorite Outdoor Theaters on Pinterest

Outdoor theater season is here! This is our favorite time of year.

We projector experts have a bit of an office competition going to see who can host the best backyard theater party. So far Rich is in the lead, but Matt just moved into a new house with a pool. We’ll see how his upcoming party stacks up against the rest.

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We compiled some of our favorite setups from around the interwebs. From white sheets hung between trees to elaborate pool-side setups, you’re sure to find some great ideas for your next outdoor event.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Our Dream Outdoor Theater

Pool + projector = pure joy.

pool outdoor theater

Our dream outdoor theater, sent in by a customer.

Proof That Outdoor Theater Can Be Incredibly Easy

Throw a sheet between two trees, grab your projector and TA-DA! it’s movie night.

easy outdoor theater

Great photo from

Our Favorite DIY Outdoor Theater

Hang some lights, grab a few throw pillows and give your yard an instant upgrade.

easy outdoor theater

Great DIY project from

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