What you Need to Know about the Hitachi Short Throw Series

With so many uses, short throw projectors are rapidly growing in popularity. They can be ideal for traveling businessmen who don’t want the fuss of figuring out the best spot to set up a projector or used for classrooms and conference rooms where presenters don’t want people walking between the screen and the projector, blocking the image. The Hitachi Short Throw Series offers ultra-short throw units in both 4:3 and widescreen versions. These projectors are designed to be some of the brightest ultra-short throw units on the market.  The Hitachi CP-AX3505, for example, shines at a bright 3,600 ANSI lumens and boasts a 10,000:1 contrast ratio for vibrant image quality.  Weighing in at under 9 pounds, this projector can also be easily moved for travel or at the end of class.

Hitachi Short Throw Diagram
Hitachi Short Throw Diagram

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Why Go Short Throw?

Ever been in the middle of a presentation when someone accidentally moves in front of the projector or has to walk right in the middle to get to the bathroom? It seems destined to happen every time. This is where short throw projectors can be very useful. The NEC NP-M352WS, for example, is a portable projector that can delive

r an ideal short throw distance mere inches away from the screen but still pr

oject a large image. This can be useful for many reaso

Shadow Blocking Projector

n. The first is avoiding the awkward moments when people walk in between the projector and screen, throwing shadows on the presentation and distracting the audience. The second benefit is when there is no space for a projector to be mounted at the normal distance away or if you are traveling and can’t mount the projector anywhere but up close. NEC has perfected the short throw model, which is ideal for education (including interactive white boards), corporate offices, and for the traveling businessman.

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How To Simplify Presentation Setup and Increase Attendee Engagement

Barco ClickShare
Barco ClickShare

We have all experienced those meetings where half the presentation time is spent trying to share the content from computer to screen. Luckily, there is finally a solution. The Barco ClickShare is a one-click wonder that makes connecting to a video system easy. It not only gets the presentation on-screen in a second, but works with both Mac and PC. With wireless content sharing from one screen to another through the touch of a button or the click of an app, this technology results in attendees being more engaged and meetings become more efficient.

There are 2 Simple Ways of Sharing Content:

  • ClickShare Button: the no-installation necessary USB that can be started by simply double-clicking
  • Smartphone or Tablet App: allows you to connect content as well

Both of these options lets up to two people show their content on-screen simultaneously!

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Solving the Problem of Projectors and Bright Rooms

It seems that more and more schools are being built with big windows and better lighting. This theoretically creates a better environment for increasing moods and productivity. Unfortunately, copious amounts of ambient light can be a projectors Achilles heel and a presenter’s nightmare. Many standard classrooms don’t come with a dimmer or the ability to control the amount of ambient light shining in the room. Because of this, the average projector with low lumen output can be easily outshined. Luckily, Hitachi has designed its Collegiate Series projectors with enough lumens to outshine most ambient light. The Hitachi CP-X5022WN, for example, is an LCD projector with a total of 5,000 ANSI lumens of brightness (if you are not sure how bright that is, imagine 5,000 birthday candles lighting up your room!). The high lumen count combined with 1024×768 resolution has the ability to transform classrooms, auditoriums, and lecture halls into powerful learning centers regardless of ambient light. So if you are battling low lumen projectors and bright rooms, consider one of Hitachi’s high-lumen Collegiate Series projectors.

This Hitachi CP-X5022WN has high lumens and outshines most ambient light.
This Hitachi CP-X5022WN has high lumens and outshines most ambient light.

If you are not sure how many lumens you’ll need, give our experts a call at 1-888-248-0675.