Stream HD wirelessly with IOGear’s new wireless HD receivers and transmitters

At CES 2011, we met up with the very cool folks at IOGear. They showed off their new wireless HD receivers and transmitters. We were so impressed, we decided to expand our product line to include IOGear’s offerings.

Whether you are a home theater buff, a house of worship buyer, a tradeshow presenter or a digital signage connoisseur, IOGear has a product for you that will simplify your wireless HD streaming experience.

Wireless HD streaming for home theater

IOGear wireless kit

IOGear’s Wireless HD to Computer/Projector kit allows you to wirelessly stream 720p HD content up to 30 feet from your computer’s USB port to your TV or projector’s HDMI input. Stream videos, photo slideshows and other internet content on your display without leaving your couch.

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Wireless HD streaming for business, house of worship and 1080p home theater buffs

IOGear wireless HD kit

IOGear’s Wireless Transmitter/Receiver kit consists of a Wireless HD Transmitter and a Wireless HD Receiver with various connectors, including HDMI, Component, Composite, and RGB / VGA ports. The wireless kit allows you to connect up to 4 AV devices (Blu-ray player, DVR / Set-top box, Media Server or VCR) without worrying about line-of-sight placement. It’s capable of streaming Full HD 1080p 60Hz or non-HD content with digital audio up to 100 feet away.

This is a great option for multi-room installations, digital signage, sports bars, and much more. The IOGear Wireless HD Transmitter Kit allows you to broadcast with almost no latency within its own integrated private Wi-Fi network, without interference or sharing of any nearby wireless routers.

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The kit includes one transmitter and one receiver. Additional receivers are also available for $299.