OwLink’s “fishing line” HDMI extender kit

OWLink Fishing Line

OwLink recently came by to show off their Full HD with IR Fiber HDMI Video Extender kit. Man, were we impressed.

The kit includes a transmitter, receiver, connecting cables and a crystal clear multimode fiber optical cable which closely resembles a fishing line.

Check out the image at right.

This practically invisible line is capable of transmitting uncompressed digital video and audio up to 1,000 feet. That’s nearly a fifth of a mile!

We can easily see OwLink’s HDMI extender at use in commercial or home theater applications. No more unsightly “cable nests.” No more drilling through walls to hide cables.

We aren’t the only ones smitten with OwLink’s HDMI extender kit. The technology won the Best of Innovations, Design and Engineering Award at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Additional features of the OwLink HDMI extender all-in-one-kit

  • available in plenum-rated, indoor and outdoor-grade and “fishing line” options
  • supports HDMI video input with a maximum resolution of 1080p/36 bit@60Hz
  • transmits uncompressed digital video and audio with Hollywood approved content protection protocol, (HDCP)
  • kit includes an IR (infrared) emitter and sensor so you can use your original remote control

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This product is being exclusively launched through Projector People. We have 100 and 200-ft extender kits in stock, longer options are just a phone call away. Give one of our Projector Experts a ring at 1-888-248-0675.