Chief Interactive Projector Wall Mount: innovations in interactivity

Intrigued by the new crop of interactive projectors hitting the market but not ready for a projector upgrade? There’s a app mount for that.

Chief’s revolutionary new Interactive Projector Wall Mount will transform your current short throw projector into an interactive, collaborative communication machine. No special board required.

This is a pretty significant step in the evolution of interactivity. First, we had special projectors that worked only with specific whiteboards. Then we saw interactive projectors that didn’t require a board. Now, Chief enters the arena with a mount that features Luidia’s eBeam interactive technology.

Luidia is an established player in the interactive game. Their interactive whiteboards are used in more than a half million classrooms and conference rooms around the globe. Now they’re using the same technology in an interactive mount that works with your computer and projector to transform any surface into an interactive whiteboard.

Chief’s new Interactive Projector Mount also allows you to make notes and interact with your presentation and share it over the internet. The mount works with Windows and Mac operating systems and integrates seamlessly with existing applications.

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