NEC NP-P451X: Rich’s Projector Pick of the Month

Curious which projectors are our favorites? In this monthly series we sit down with our experts to learn more about them and their top projector picks of the month.

Name: Rich

Our projector expert Rich shares why the NEC NP-P451X is his top projector pick of the month.

Favorite movie: Avatar in 3D

Favorite food: Steak on the grill!

How long have you been at Projector People? 15 years.

Do you have any pets? My kids act like a pack of wild animals and I have a German Sheppard Lab mix named Jaeger.

Projector pick of the month: NEC NP-P451X, a 4,500-lumen XGA (1024 x 768) projector.

Why? It’s perfect for churches and houses of worship.

Which features make it great for house of worship customers? Where do I begin? It’s loaded with inputs, including HDMI. It has a 6,000-hour filter, so you don’t have to climb up on the rafters every month to clean or change it. It also features optional wireless networking so you can control it when the remote won’t reach.

What size congregation is this projector good for? It all depends on screen size and room brightness, but I’d say 200 to 300 people.

What else makes this projector special? It has a three-year warranty for extra peace of mind. The projector’s vertical lens gives it tons of placement flexibility. It also has up to 1,600 hours of lamp life. That’s a really low cost of ownership.

I bet there’s more! There is. This projector has a 4000:1 contrast ratio, which means really great black levels. This makes text really easy to read on the screen. It also has a quick start of just three to four seconds.

Unboxing the Casio XJ-H1600

We recently had the chance to spend some time with the Casio XJ-H1600, one of the newest models in Casio’s groundbreaking lamp-free series.

This 3,500-lumen projector is extremely popular for its ability to provide a bright display for churches and sports bars, plus businesses and classrooms.
It’s easy to maintain, features a quick startup and shutdown, and requires no cooling down period. 
Plus, when you consider the cost of replacement lamps, this projector practically pays for itself. 
Want to get a closer look? Check out our new Casio XJ-H1600 projector unboxing video.
We’ll take you through a test-drive of all the projector’s features, and show you why this is one of our best sellers.
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