BenQ W1080ST: The First Short Throw Home Theater Projector

Drum roll please. Ladies and gentleman, let us introduce you to the BenQ W1080ST, the first short throw projector for home theater.

This is a big deal. Before the BenQ W1080ST, you had to place your home theater projector about eight feet away from the screen to get a 65-inch image. The BenQ W1080ST packs the same big image punch from a mere 36 inches away from the screen. A 300-inch image can be obtained by placing the BenQ 15 feet away from the screen, about half the distance of other projectors.

BenQW1080ST projector

Did we also mention it outputs in stunning HD 3D, includes built-in speakers and features plug-and-play technology?

This is the perfect projector for people who thought their living rooms were too small to accommodate a full-blown home theater.

It’s also great for sports bars and boardrooms. No more worrying about shadows on the screen or projector blindness.

The W1080ST’s picture is bright, high contrast and features spot-on color reproduction. At a mere six pounds, it’s light enough to move from room to room and house to house. It’s also great for outdoor theater.

The BenQ W1080ST features an impressive 24ms (1.5 frames) of input lag using a 1080p signal over HDMI, making it fast enough for most gamers.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out this product review from Ready for Football Season in Austin, Texas:

Talk about wow factor! I was on the fence for months reviewing the latest 60″ and 70″ TVs but I didn’t pull the trigger. I came across this projector while doing research for a short throw setup and I’m amazed. For less than a TV alone I now have a clear 102″ 1080p image projected. The menu is easy to use and out of the box required very little tweaking to invert the image since I have it mounted. The picture quality is bright even with a ceiling fan light on and stunning when the lights are off. This BenQ projector is great for sports, movies, and gaming (Xbox 360).

Our friends at Projector Central were equally impressed.

The W1080ST is a great projector for home theater or home video on a budget, but its low input lag and short throw lens also make it a good option for video games…the W1080ST allows you to sit closer to the screen without getting in the way of the projected image. This is especially helpful when using a motion-sensitive system like the Kinect or Wii, where body motions are part of the game’s input. A short-throw lens makes the W1080ST behave more like a television or computer monitor and removes some of the projector-specific setup concerns that gamers often run into.


The best news? The BenQ W1080ST is an uber-affordable 1080p 3D HD projector. Check it out now »

The Conference Room Naming Conundrum

How does your company name its conference rooms?

Are you like New York ad agency Deutsch, with straightforward names like “Main Conference Room” and “Video Conference Room?”

Or perhaps your company’s a little more creative, like Facebook which names its conference rooms after bad ideas. Example: “Subprime Mortgage.”

Nike straddles corporate-ness and creativity by naming the rooms after its sneakers. The Richards Group, a Dallas ad agency, names its conference rooms after long-term employees.

BenQ SP890 sports bar projector

What would you call this conference room? Image by wohlford on Flickr.

The “conference room naming conundrum” was explored in a recent article on AdAge. According to the article, some companies choose to crowdsource their names rather than spend internal resources on the task. Though depending on your employer, suggestions like “signs of the zodiac” or “members of the Wu-Tang Clan” may or may not be appropriate.

We asked some of our Facebook fans and Twitter followers how their company conference rooms got their names.

Danny Conner commented on our Facebook page: “Since we are global, they are named after the oceans and seas of the world.”

Mike Sepos said that 40% of his company’s conference rooms had “cool names,” including those penned from artists, local sporting events, presidents and ski resorts.

“One of the most accurately descriptive would be in our Miami office where you have ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Sunset’, presumably on the east and west sides of the building,” Mike said.

We were most jealous of Jonathon Leigh, who said “the conference room at my current workplace is a beer fridge.”

Here at Projector People’s Tampa, Florida headquarters, our rooms are named after the Florida Keys. There’s Key Largo, Key West and Long Key. Yeah, we’re kinda obsessed with the beach here.

What about you? What are the conference rooms at your office named after? Share your comments below.

And know that if you need to update any of those conference rooms, our current business sale is a great way to save on business projectors, accessories and screens. 🙂

Even BuzzFeed Loves Projectors

Confession: We’ve been known to check in with BuzzFeed during the day. Sometimes we just need to satisfy our fix for cute animal pictures or updates about actors from our favorite 1990s sitcoms.

(Hey, we’re only human.)

So we were pretty stoked the other day to see that even BuzzFeed is on the home theater projector train!

BuzzFeed’s editors know that coughing up $10/head to see a movie at the cinema is so 1999, especially considering how affordable 1080p projectors are nowadays. They compiled some drool-worthy home theaters in the recent article 13 Home Theaters We’d Pay To Watch Movies In.

Click through to see home theaters decked out in chandeliers, velvet chaise lounges and even a wine cellar.

Our favorite shots include:

easy outdoor theater

A Great Gatsby-inspired home theater, image from BuzzFeed

easy outdoor theater

A Star Trek shrine from BuzzFeed

easy outdoor theater

Is that a wine cellar in the back? Image from BuzzFeed

Read the whole article on BuzzFeed »

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