Casio Projectors’ Double Life as Digital Signage Displays

Everyone knows you shouldn’t turn a regular projector on its side. Doing so disrupts the lamp’s cooling system, drastically reducing the life of your light source, and in some cases, ruining your projector.

 digital signage
Casio Green Slim projectors offer a low-cost alternative to traditional digital signage displays like the one above.

Enter Casio Green Slim projectors. Equipped with Casio’s hybrid light source technology, these projectors are lamp-free and not susceptible to the trials and tribulations of normal projectors.

In fact, a wide XGA resolution Casio Green Slim projector, rotated on its side, doubles as a long-lasting and very affordable digital signage display.

Take the Casio XJM250. At a little more than $1,000, this projector is capable of producing a 300-inch diagonal image, perfect for a large-scale vertical digital signage display. Try finding a traditional digital signage display that can produce an image that big for that cheap! A 60-inch LCD display can easily cost six to seven times that much.

Of course, you’ll want a projector that’s bright enough to overpower the ambient light surrounding your digital signage display. The 3,000-lumen Casio XJM250 should do the trick, but call a Projector Expert at 1-888-248-0675 if you have any questions about your setup.

And the Home Theater Pictures Contest Winner Is…

Projector People Home Theater Pictures Contest Winner

Congratulations to Michael Fleming, who was randomly selected to win the Projector People Home Theater Pictures contest! Michael’s retro 1950’s small town theater theme combines fun and function to make an awesome home theater that he calls “Popcorn Cinema”.

Featuring the Sharp XV-Z17000 3-D projector, the bright 3-D images seem to leap off the screen. Paired with a 7.1 surround sound system and a Harman-Kardon AV Processing Unit, visitors to Michael’s Popcorn Cinema are immersed in the film.

To continue the retro theme, Michael added a refreshment center called the “Candy Cone” that looks like a 1950’s ice cream parlor. Sweet!

Congratulations Michael! Enjoy your Cisco Flip Ultra HD camera and your cool home theater.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and be sure to stay tuned for another chance to win coming soon!

Show Us Your Best Home Theater Design to Win a Cisco Flip Ultra HD!

Cisco Flip Ultra HD Home Theater Pictures Sweepstakes

Contest Extended through Friday, June 24 – enter today!

You’ve worked hard to build the coolest home theater system in the neighborhood, so naturally you’d like to show it off. Now you can, with the Projector People Home Theater Pictures Contest!

Snap a few photos of your home theater room set-up and send them in for a chance to win a Cisco Flip Ultra HD video camera and a bit of infamy on our website. We’ll feature the our favorite home theater designs in our Home Theater Showroom, and the winning entry will be featured right here on our blog and in the Projector People Post, our e-newsletter!

Share Your Home Theater Pictures to Win

Submissions will be accepted now through June 20 June 24, so you have a couple of weeks to perfect your home theater rooms and submit your best home theater pictures.

Choose your favorite shots (up to four) and submit them, along with your story, on our Home Theater Customer Pictures page.

Don’t forget to read the Official Rules before you enter! Good luck!

Casio’s new Green Slim projectors: brighter, 3D-ready and more!

When Casio debuted their Green Slim projector line last year, we were blown away. The Casio Green Slims were the first projectors to do away with standard projector lamps in favor of a hybrid light source that combined laser and LED technology.

Casio Green Slim projectors

Read more about Casio’s hybrid light source technology here »

Just recently, Casio released the latest addition to the Green Slim projector line, the XJM series.

These new Casio projectors also employ the hybrid light source, but unlike their predecessors, these projectors are 3D-ready and come with MobiShow, allowing you to stream content from your Smartphone. They are also brighter than previous models, reaching an impressive 3,000 lumens.

The projectors start at $899 and are on sale now. Check them out on our Casio projectors page.

Chief Interactive Projector Wall Mount: innovations in interactivity

Intrigued by the new crop of interactive projectors hitting the market but not ready for a projector upgrade? There’s a app mount for that.

Chief’s revolutionary new Interactive Projector Wall Mount will transform your current short throw projector into an interactive, collaborative communication machine. No special board required.

This is a pretty significant step in the evolution of interactivity. First, we had special projectors that worked only with specific whiteboards. Then we saw interactive projectors that didn’t require a board. Now, Chief enters the arena with a mount that features Luidia’s eBeam interactive technology.

Luidia is an established player in the interactive game. Their interactive whiteboards are used in more than a half million classrooms and conference rooms around the globe. Now they’re using the same technology in an interactive mount that works with your computer and projector to transform any surface into an interactive whiteboard.

Chief’s new Interactive Projector Mount also allows you to make notes and interact with your presentation and share it over the internet. The mount works with Windows and Mac operating systems and integrates seamlessly with existing applications.

Get your Chief Interactive Projector Wall Mount now»