Projector Central: “What Does ‘3D Ready’ Mean? Dispelling the Myths about 3D Projection”

Our buddies at posted a great article about 3D and projectors last week. Check out our take on the article below. Then read “What Does ‘3D Ready’ Mean? Dispelling the Myths About 3D Projection” for yourself here »

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Right now, there are more than 100 3D-ready projectors on the market. The majority are geared for educational and business use, accepting 3D content only through the PC input. Currently, only one 3D projector, the LG CF3D, is designed for home theaters and 3D Blu-ray or broadcast content. (And did we mention we’re the only resellers of this awesome 1080p 3D projector?)

But in the future, 3D will be the norm. According to Pacific Media Associates, the premiere info-gathering firm for projector market information, the worldwide market for 3D-enabled projectors will grow from about 1.0 million during 2010 to nearly 5.4 million by 2014. They predict DLP technology will dominate the market. had some great advice for manufacturers in the growing 3D projector field, including:

  • Elaborate on “3D-ready” There are currently four popular 3D transmission formats in use – frame sequential, frame packing, side-by-side, and checkerboard. (ProjectorCentral explains the differences in their article.) But just because a projector is labeled “3D ready” doesn’t mean it supports all four formats. In fact, it probably only supports one. ProjectorCentral recommends manufacturers label their products as “3D Frame Packing Compatible”, for example, rather than “3D ready” so customers aren’t misled. (BTW, the LG CF3D supports all of the above 3D formats.)
  • Enough with the HDMI confusion The new HDMI 1.4 standard brags that it now supports 3D signal transmission. But in reality, previous versions of the HDMI connection also supported 3D. For example, Sony’s PS3 is an HDMI 1.3 device, yet it can play 3D games and Blu-ray discs. ProjectorCentral recommends you shop for features, not version numbers, when you buy an HDMI cable. That’s always been our stance too.

    (On a side note, the HDMI consortium is on the same page. They’ve banned manufacturers from displaying the standard (i.e. 1.4, 1.3 or 1.3b) on product packaging. Instead, manufacturers are encouraged to list the cables’ features.)

What would you tell or ask projector manufacturers about 3D projection? As an authorized reseller of the popular projector brands, we get a lot of face-time with manufacturers and those with the inside scoop. Post your questions and comments below.

In the meantime, check out our 3D and projectors guide to find out more about the third dimension and home theater.

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Open Air Cinema Rates the Top 25 Outdoor Theater Movies

The good folks at Open Air Cinema recently compiled the Top 25 Outdoor Movies of All Time.

The list features some goodies, including Cool Runnings, Life is Beautiful (grab the tissues) and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Personally, I would add The Little Mermaid, A River Runs Through It, Avatar and The Goonies.

Check out Open Air Cinema’s full list here and post your favorite movies below.

New to outdoor theater? Get up to speed with our backyard theater guide.

Sanyo visits the Projector People

We love it when manufacturers stop by to talk about the latest in projector news. Last week, Sanyo came by to educate us on their new and soon-to-be-released projector models.

First up is the 2500-lumen Sanyo PDG-DWL2500, the world’s shortest throw 3D-ready projector. This impressive model is capable of projecting an 80-inch image from a mere foot away from the wall.

The projector can be installed just an inch away from the screen. That’s right. One inch of space between the projector and the wall for an 80-inch image. Wow!

The 2000-lumen PDG-DXL2000, coming soon, can accomplish the same when installed just 3.5 inches away from the wall.

Both can be mounted to the ceiling, wall, floor, a table, etc. And they can be installed vertically and horizontally, making them a perfect solution for tricky spaces.

These Sanyo short-throw projectors are about half the size of previous models. They feature built-in 10W speakers, closed captioning and a security bar. The filters on Sanyo’s new projectors are denser than before, making them last longer (up to 4,000 hours!) and improving their overall performance.

Also hitting the market soon is the 8000-lumen (!!!!!) PDG-DHT8000L, a full HD, DLP projector that is the brightest of its class. This dual lamp model features a silent cooling device – no more whirring fans! – and a filter that lasts 35,000 hours.

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Screen Innovations brings 3D out of the dark

3D projectors for home theater are finally here! The LG CF3D is the world’s first 1080p 3D-ready projector designed to play Blu-ray discs and other three-dimensional content. We’re so psyched!

Now, Screen Innovations has taken 3D enjoyment at home one step further with its Black Diamond projector screen. This screen allows you to watch 3D content without worrying about ambient light.

SI’s Black Diamond Screen increases an image’s contrast by 900%. Higher contrast means sharper images, even with the lights on. The Black Diamond screen also preserves the projector light’s polarization properties, eliminating the ghosting often seen with passive 3D images.

(See our 3D and projectors guide to learn more about 3D technology.)

And did we mention this screen also does an amazing job with good ol’ 2D content?

Check out the happy guys at SI showing off the Black Diamond screen in the video below. (Love the glasses, guys!)

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