1080p Home Theater Projector Shootout


We finally got a chance to do a shootout with our best selling 1080p projectors, including one we had yet to see in person, the Sanyo PLV-Z3000. The shootout was also filmed, and we will have that video for you soon available now. But, as a preview, we thought we’d also post some of the photos we took to get your gears greased.

Here are the products we included in the shootout :

Note : These are all 1080p native projectors. Brightness and contrast differ, and only three of them have the 120Hz processor (the Epson HC 6500 UB, Panasonic PT-AE3000U, and the Sanyo PLV-Z3000). Check our projector comparison charts for head-to-head details of projector specs.

Big Dif?

While each of the images below may appear to favor one projector over another, in the actual shootout there was a consensus that there wasn’t a ‘bad’ projector in the bunch. Some – like the Epson 6500UB – had really nice black levels. Other projectors excelled in their processing ability. Still others featured particularly dynamic colors. Below we have some images and some of my personal commentary on what I saw. Others in the demo may have seen differently. I will share any of the other commentary I heard in my notes below the images.

1080p Projector Shootout

One of the limitations of this shootout is the image size. In order to fit them all on our wall at once, we kept the image a little smaller than most aim for in their home theater. We used 2 different HDMI distribution amplifiers to create our image, since our 1:8 HDMI couldn’t power all five on the main wall. We used one BluRay player showing the BluRay version of the movie Fifth Element. We used out-of-the-box settings for each projector, since few customers report taking the time to calibrate their image.

Comparing the (left to right) Sanyo PLV-Z700, Sanyo PLV-Z3000, Panasonic PT-AE3000U, Epson Home Cinema 6500 UB, and Epson Home Cinema 6100.


[ click image for higher res photo on our Flickr page ]

The Sanyo PLV-Z700 (far left) and the Epson Home Cinema 6100 (far right) have lower contrast ratios than the three center home theater projectors. Notice how visible the “black bars” above and below the images are as a guide to determining the projectors ability to produce deep, rich blacks and colors.


[ click image for higher res photo on our Flickr page ]

The three center projectors all feature 120Hz rates. The Panasonic PT-AE3000U, Epson Home Cinema 6500 UB, and the Sanyo PLV-Z3000 absolutely blew away the lower priced projectors in high action scenes. Even in scenes with people walking in the movie Fifth Element the image looked almost 3-D on the center three projectors. The image was truly beautiful. Personally I never would have thought it made such a big difference, but after seeing them head-to-head, I am converted. Hopefully this will be visible on the video – which is coming soon.

Comparing the (left to right) Sanyo PLV-Z700, Sanyo PLV-Z3000, Panasonic PT-AE3000U, Epson Home Cinema 6500 UB, and Epson Home Cinema 6100.


[ click image for higher res photo on our Flickr page ]

A good color comparison shot. All the projectors were set up using out of the box settings. There is still plenty of tweaking that could be done to improve color. But in our out of the box shootout there were some who preferred the color of the Sanyo, some the Panasonic, and some Epson. Viewers also sometimes reported liking the color better in one scene on one projector, and another on a different model. Personally, the color on the Sanyo PLV-Z3000 looks good to me in this photo, but in other scenes both the Panasonic and Epson shined.


[ click image for higher res photo on our Flickr page ]

Here’s another good shot for color comparison. I like the Epson 6500 (second from right) in this image, but all of them look good. Other viewers liked the Panasonic AE3000. The two end projectors (Sanyo PLV-700 -left and Epson HC 6100 – right) both produced very good color too, even though they are a few hundred dollars less.


[ click image for higher res photo on our Flickr page ]

With the lights on, they all look about the same. In fairness to the brighter models, however, these are fairly small images. If we blew up the image a few feet there would probably be a greater difference. In a dark room, the difference wouldn’t be particularly noticable.

Shootout, Round Up

So, in conclusion, all the projectors looked very good. If you bought one of them without seeing another directly next to it, the vast majority of viewers would be completely happy with the image on any of these models. However, if you are picky about your video, then you should invest in one of the 120Hz products. The difference is very noticeable in side by side comparison, and although you may not realize what’s making it happen, the image is going to look much crisper, and nearly three dimensional. It’s worth the extra cash if you have it.

[ see more images at Flickr ]

Video of our Shootout Now Online!

There are some artifacts are visible from the Vimeo embedding compression. But you can Click here for larger/less compressed version.

1080p Projector Shootout : Sanyo, Panasonic, Epson from Projector People on Vimeo.

[ some artifacts are visible from the Vimeo compression. Click here for larger version.

Projector People Home Theater Custom Package Builder Updated

Custom Package Builder

In our efforts to maintain the best projector site on the internets, we have just recently upgraded our Custom Home Theater Package Builder to better serve you. We created the original Package Builder a couple years ago and it has been a frequently used feature. But good can get better, so our Package Builder 2.0 includes more intelligent logic for cable and mount selection – based on the size of your specific space. It also has updated product selections and discounts on more accessories.

What’s New on the Custom Home Theater Package Builder?

  • Updated selection of home theater and crossover projectors.
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Projectors Under $600

A couple years ago we had a page with projectors under $1000. A few months later, we added a new page with projectors under $700. And now, here we are with a page full of projectors under $600. Five years ago a projector with this much brightness – with the same resolution – would have been quadruple the price, but that’s old news.

What’s the New Projector News?

The addition of several XGA (1024×768 pixels) projectors in the under $600 price range. XGA is a better choice for projecting to larger audiences (bigger screens) and for compatibility with newer laptops. An SVGA (800×600 pixels) projector is still a good choice for some users, and will most likely provide you higher brightness for the dollar. But for futureproof performance, XGA is the best bet.

Quick Tip : There may be a few projectors on the page have prices with lines through them. Those projectors typically have a lower price and we are showing a “Manufacturer’s Advertised Price” before any discount has been applied.

Deals of the Deals


Vivitek D825MS

Home Theater Crossover Projectors Under $600

These may not be the best projectors for home theater on the market, but these two have an HDMI input and fairly good contrast ratios for business projectors.

BenQ MP512ST

Vivitek D326WX

  • Resolution: WXGA (1280 x 800)
  • Brightness: 2600 lumens
  • Contrast: 2500:1
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs.
  • Go to specs and features »
  • [ alright it’s just over $600, but close enough to mention! ]

[ See our Projectors Under $600 page ]

Sanyo Doubles PLV-Z3000 Rebate thru End of March!

Sanyo PLV-Z3000 rebate

Sanyo has just announced that its formerly $200 rebate will be a $400 – at least until the end of March.

What does that mean to the 1080p home theater projector shopper? It means there is now a slight price advantage for the PLV-Z3000 over it’s chief competitors (Panasonic PT-AE3000U and Epson Home Cinema 6500 UB). The Sanyo produces a very good 65000:1 contrast ratio and is solid on features. Compare prices and specs below. Click links to compare complete specs.

Best Selling 1080p Home Theater Projectors

Other low priced 1080p options.

Here are a couple of the lowest priced 1080p home theater projectors out there. Contrast is typically lower, and features are left off to keep the price down on these entry level deals.

[ see full list of 1080p Home Theater Projectors ]

You see what happened was…

You will notice that rather than one simple $400 rebate, Sanyo has two separate $200 rebates running. This is (as Art at Projector Reviews pontificates) probably for legal reasons. The original $200 rebate doesn’t officially end until the end of April, so rather than cancel the existing rebate, they sweetened the deal by just adding on another $200. Otherwise there would be sure to be those who would try and ‘double dip.’ Understandably.