Memorial Day Projector Price Relief!

Panasonic PT-AX200U

We are getting ready to celebrate our Memorial Day Weekend here at Projector People. And we have decided to offer our valued customers a little pricing relief. Here’s the deal:

Get Free 3-Day Shipping on All Projectors!

This weekend only (May 22nd – May 27th) Projector People is offering FREE 3-day shipping on ALL of our broad selection of projectors for home theater and business applications.

Home Theater Price Drops!

Also, watch for serious price drops on some of our most popular high definition home theater projectors, 1080p and 720p, this weekend only! See the Projector People website for details.

Orders placed after 4:00pm on Friday, May 23rd will be processed on Tuesday, May 27th in observance of the Memorial Day holiday.

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InFocus Offers Improved Warranty!

Projector People Podcast

As of May 1, 2008, InFocus and Ask Proxima projectors for business will have a better warranty when purchased from authorized Pro AV resellers (like Projector People). Here’s the new deal:

You buy from a ProAV dealer and you get:

  • Three (3) years parts and labor warranty
  • Two (2) years ProAV Dealer Priority Exchange
  • Six (6) month lamp warranty

There are some excluded InFocus products, particularly those from their ‘value segment’ and home theater products. The new coverage does include the $649.00 Ask Proxima A1200EP which is a great deal, but is only available for education and public sector sales.

Products excluded are:
InFocus Value Segment Products: IN24+, IN26+, IN24+EP,
IN26+EP, IN2102, IN2104, IN2106, IN2102EP, IN2104EP, and
ASK Proxima A1100, A1200, A1300. And all current and future InFocus Home Theater/Home Entertainment Products.

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New ClearOne Conference Phones at Projector People!


ClearOne conference phones are now available for purchase at Our new “Collaborative Communications” area will include these new audio conferencing products as well as a selection document cameras and interactive whiteboards, and possibly more soon.

Cool New Low Cost Speakerphone for Skype and Telephony.

Among our cool new ClearOne products, is a hot little low cost speaker that is not only a handy tool for traveling presenters, but is also a low priced solution for Skype users or people want a quality speaker phone for personal use. The product is called the Chat 50.

Chat 50 speakerphone

The Chat 50 was mentioned in PC Magazine as a

The Economy of Backyard Theaters

It’s that time again. Soon you’ll be savoring long, hot nights, and looking for ideas for bigger and better entertainment that doesn’t cost too much. So, how will you enjoy those summer nights? How about outside in your very own backyard theater? Sound like a dream? It’s not. And it’s probably cheaper than you think. Read on.

The Cost of Doing Movies

So let’s do a little math. If you were to take your (2) kids (or a date) to see all the big movies coming out this summer; how much would it cost you? Here’s a list of just a few of the 2008 Summer Movie releases and their tentative release dates (source):

Iron Man in theaters May 2nd

  • “Iron Man”    (May 2nd)
  • “Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”    (May 16th)
  • “Indiana Jones 4”    (May 22nd)
  • “Kung Fu Panda”    (June 6th)
  • “The Incredible Hulk”    (June 13th)
  • “Get Smart”     (June 20th)
  • “Wall E”    (June 27th)
  • “Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D”    (July 11th)
  • “The Dark Knight”    (July 18th)
  • “Star Wars : The Clone Wars”    (August 15th)

[ photo: Iron Man is scheduled for release May 2nd, 2008 ]

Now you might not see all of these movies in theaters this summer. In fact, the average family goes to see just about eight movies a year in movie theaters ( source Nielsen). But since you are reading our story, it’s likely that you like movies more than the average American. So, let’s pretend you actually do want to see all ten of the movies listed above. Below is an approximation at what you would spend:

Estimated Cost for Seeing Ten Summer Movies

  • Adult tickets: 2 @ $9 = $18
  • Kids tickets: 2 @ $7 = $14
  • Refreshments aprox = $20
  • —————————–

  • Total per movie = $52
  • $52 per movie x 10 movies = $520
  • ( Resale / Investment value = $0 )

(If you don’t have kids, then you can factor in the cost of the kids and refreshments as about what you’d pay for dinner and a movie if you were generous enough to pay for ten with a date or friend.)

Now you’ve spent $520 on movies, and what do you have to show for it? You’ll have the experience, which was hopefully positive, and if the movie was good enough, you’ll want to pick up the DVD when it comes out. Other than that, you’re pretty much out the $520 bucks. Now if you love movies, it’s probably worth it for the big screen experience, the quality time with family, and the movie popcorn.

But what if there was a way to watch movies on the big screen, experience quality time with the family, eat healthier popcorn, and enjoy the great outdoors all summer long with one simple investment?

Low Cost, Better Investment Big Screen Entertainment

A Backyard Theater does not require additional space inside the house, but rather takes advantage of space you have outdoors. Some use their garage door as a screen and set up their temporary outdoor theaters in the driveway. Other folks will take the time to rig up a semi-permanent backyard theater, complete with a projection screen and an outdoor sound system.

Cost of Budget Backyard Theater Component:

  • Low cost projector = $449 and up (example NEC NP100 is coming soon!)
  • Twin size bedsheet or tarp = $10
  • Portable speakers (computer or regular AV)= $35 – $60
  • DVD player = probably already own
  • Component video or HDMI cable (depending on source) = $35 – $99
  • Bug spray = $5 – $10
  • —————————–

  • Total = $534 – $628
  • Resale / Investment value = better than $0

[NEC’s new low-priced NP100 is coming soon and just might do the trick. It’s $499 with a $50 rebate for a limited time.]

But wait, there’s more!

So, while the cost of the projector will vary, you can find yourself in for as little as $550 or so. That’s just a few dollars more than your ten movie summer. Plus, once the summer is over, you can think about where to set up your projector indoors for the upcoming NFL football season, the holidays, and beyond. Our own anecdotal evidence shows that houses with home theaters will sell better in a tough economy than houses without a home theater.

How to Choose a Projector?

There are a number of important considerations for buying a projector. We have updated our Backyard Theater Buyers Guide from last year for your reference. We made this guide because considerations for backyard use only, might be different from the projector you might choose for a permanent installation in a dedicated home theater like these [ see photos of our customer’s dedicated home theaters. ].

Survey Says

A number of American’s (about 20%) report that they would prefer to watch movies at home (source). After you get your home theater, you might just be one of them!

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Projector People Special Offers – May 2008

Projector Coupon Deals for May 2008

Here is a quick look at a few of the specials that are only available at Projector

Exclusive Projector People Specials

Unlike our Coupon specials. These deals will show up in your shopping cart automaticailly. Ya can’t beat that. Purchase on or before 5/15/2008.

All Projector People specials are while supplies last.

Coupon Code: FREEMOUNT : Free Sanus projector ceiling mount when you pre-order select 1080p projectors. Through May 4th, 2008 only!

Blowout Sale Continues!

Supplies are limited, but there are still deals to be had.

  • 3M Digital Media Systems 800
  • Casio XJ-S36 – Sold Out!
  • Casio XJ-S41
  • Hitachi CPX2
  • Mitsubishi XD206U
  • Mitsubishi XD430U
  • Mitsubishi XD470U – Sold Out!
  • NEC VT595 – Sold Out!
  • NEC VT695 – Sold Out!
  • Optoma HD73
  • Optoma TS400
  • Panasonic PT-F100U – Sold Out!
  • Panasonic PT-LB60U – Sold Out!
  • Sharp PG-F200X – Sold Out!
  • Sharp PG-F211X
  • Sony VPL-CW125 – Sold Out!

[ see complete list of our recently reduced projectors. Quantities are limited! Offers valid while supplies last! ]

Blowout Savings on Projector Accessories

More than just projectors, Projector People is also offering savings on projector accessories.

  • Mitsubishi Soft Projector Case
  • Kramer Electronics 1:2 VGA Distribution Amplifier (B-stock) – Sold Out!
  • Tannoy EFX 5.1 Home Theater Package – Anthracite – Sold Out!
  • Tannoy EFX 6.1 Home Theatre System – Platinum – Sold Out!
  • Tannoy EFX Satellite Speaker – Anthracite – Sold Out!

[ see complete list of accessories ]

[ Coupon codes not valid with other ProjectorPeople offers, but can be combined with manufacturer rebates and incentives. While supplies last. Shipping charges may apply. ]

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